Comrades, unite!

The Hall Pass Liberation Front

America's public schools have dirty little secret.

In one of the last bastions of government-sponsored discrimination, a vulnerable and almost invisible segment of the population is cruelly exploited, condemned to a life of involuntary servitude in the most unimaginably filthy working conditions. No one cares about their own ambitions and desires; no one protests their cursory elimination when they grow old or acquire weird fungal disease.

This webpage is for them, the hall passes of the world: the creased boxes, the broken Eiffel towers, the dog-eared pieces of paper, the full-size replica toilets. This is the story of how one little Hall Pass finally threw off the yoke of the dread Chair and boldly set out to prove that hall passes everywhere need not suffer in silence any longer...

The Adventures of Hall Pass

Hall Pass Does Santee
Hall Pass in San Diego
The price of freedom
Hall Pass on the streets
The Hall Pass Redemption
The Hall Pass Liberation Front
Celebrity endorsements

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